• Who I am

    What Discovery Labs is?

    Discovery Labs means:





    modifying and customizing

    Infinity or Yamaha speakers using old or new cabinets of both brands

    and, upon special requests, building custom speakers or kit never existed before.

    “Have you ever been in love with 45.000…. Hertz?

    … intruducing myself …

    My name is Marco Guarino, Born in Tuscany in 1969 one year later the Infinity foundation…

    My grandfather was able to play piano, guitar, violin, mandolino… and I think I’ve the MUSIC genetically coded into my blood. I can’t play any instruments because I’ve met my grandfather too late. On the other hand I’veĀ ever had a great interest for speakers since I was 10… listen to the big radio standing over the fridge of my parent’s home. So I started to recover all size of drivers from broken B/W old TVs and jukebokes… With the compliance of my father and rarely with the help of a more competence friends, I started to make some experiments… cutting the shoe’s package carton box to put speakers inside… some years later I’ve been falling in love with Infinity sound and since 1991, my ears wants to listen to Infinity components, sometime combined with Yamaha or even others brands. Now, I consider this still an hobby for me and I don’t pretend to make profits or became rich from that. The satisfaction to give you a good pair of speakers unavailable elsewhere is priceless. I’ve been selling all around world and as a private, I use to supply a personal warranty for all my custom’s required productus and for some top-of-the-line models. Lastly, only this year, I’ve decided to dedicate a proper website to show you all. So, enjoy and leave your comments for my production’s models, if you wish. Feel free to ask me any kind of question /info, I’ll be glad to answer you ASAP

    My best regards,

    Marco Guarino – Discovery Labs. The Italian Infinity restoring specialist