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    Discovery Labs : an homemade passion

    Open air "interference tests" made simply in my sitting room. My first step to match different speakers, before installing on / building the cabinet.

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    Discovery Labs Archive

    Starting from my (almost) first project, all models dismounted, sold, remodified, given as birthday present (only for best friends)...

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    Ideas to build...

    Components ready for my next projects coming soon...

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    RS 4X

    Custom cut small MDF cabinets for a 4" glass fiber woofer and a neodymium small tweeter automotive series... a present for a friend.

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    One of first project done when I restart my passion thanks to an audiophile friend, in 2005. The special features are the IRROTAX double reflex vent ports and the frontal baffle cut not parallel to rear panel. All drivers are shielded. Yamaha tweeter.

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    IRS mini

    Infinity Reference Standard mini. A zip speakers compressed into a NS-E55 Yamaha cabinet, 4" midwoofer, 0.75" mylar dome tweeter.

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    BU-80s Mk II

    A simple improvement of this compact 75 W RMS subwoofer unit, equipped with a new 8" CMMD shielded woofer.

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    IRS microNautilus

    My personal desktop speakers used to listen to music with PC, made with the intention to get the best sound possible into the minimum dimensions for a two way system, without subwoofer. Object of an article published on "Costruire Hi-Fi" review. 30 W RMS.

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    RS Kappa 1

    Yamaha NS-E55 cabinet transformed into RS Kappa 1... Best results possible with a 4" CMMD Infinity woofer coupled with a small size EMIT coming from automotive series.... 50 W RMS. Fully magnetic shielded. Frequency response estimated in 100 Hz - 45KHz +/- 3 dB. The best satellite possible to be completed with a subwoofer like BU-80s MkII. These were a present for my best friend. Onother pair is coming soon...

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    RS Kappa 2

    A compact two way system based on a brand new pair of Yamaha NX-E300, cherry finished available only in USA. Replaced Yamaha soft dome tweeter with a better refined EMIT-R type. Amazing bass inspite of 4.5" woofer, thanks to the bass reflex. Custom made on order.

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    RS Kappa 3

    This project is based on a pair of RS 1001 speakers: tweeter EMIT automotive small sized and 4.5" woofer newly refoamed that originally has been a Crescendo series midrange. I believe that the reverse dome dust cup helps to achieve a better, more uniform bass emission.

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    RS Kappa 3 Mk II

    RS 1001 cabinet allow a 5"1/4 woofer and RS 5000 small sized EMIT tweeter. This Mark II version improve the previous as power and bass extension. The Oval lateral woofer flange allow to be easily mounted in the rounded frontal baffle without any grill interferences. Sold in Germany.

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    RS Kappa 4

    A bigger sister of Kappa 2, the cabinet is the first Pianocraft born, YAMAHA NX-E100 with black glossy piano lack side panels. A 5" 1/4 Poly woofer coupled with an Infinity EMIT-R, customized on request, sold in Italy.

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    RS 201

    My son's first speaker set. 4" Tang Band state-of-the art magnesium-alu diaphragm, cast frame, vented coil woofer, 0,75" gold plated mylar semi-dome tweeter (coming from Infinity Reference Mk II series) into a wood cab equipped with rear bass reflex port and Ref-EL crossover. Amazing for the dimensions.

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    RS Kappa 5 Mk III

    A present for a best friend's marriage : Customized brand new MDF cabinet made by Margotto F.lli falegnameria, 6.5" Infinity CMMD woofer and EMIT-R tweeter. RS Kappa 5 x-o, rear port bass reflex for an amazing sound.

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    Kappa Center C

    "A und S" TM 15 Poly-paper shielded woofer 4 Ohm version, with EMIT K tweeter was builded for sale and months later, dismounted. Great results in a compact center channel, rated almost 80 W RMS.

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    Kappa Center D

    Derived from a Kappa center R box, equipped with brand new 5" 1/4 CMMD shielded woofers plus a small EMIT from RS 4000. Sold in Austria.

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    Kappa Center E

    My biggest center channel up to now, built starting from a massive NS-C300 Yamaha cabinet, keeping the original crossover only. 6 1/2" CMMD shielded woofers, coupled with an EMIT K, refined with a brand new Infinity logo. Successfully sold in Italy. Power rating estimated into 150 W RMS minimum. Great voice, capable to extend every Infinity 2 channel set into a A/V coherent response system.

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    RS Kappa Nano

    These microboxes are my personal smallest portable system. Derived from two Empire M2 set, using only passive boxes to allocate the little contacts plate with a mini-reflex port just drilled into plastic. A separated power supply mini-amp 3 W RMS x 2 drives these mini speakers rated in frequency range from 200 Hz. 2" magnesium-alu diaphragm, vented coil Omnes Audio BB 2.01 - competition hi-fi car midranges - rated of 10 W RMS into 4 Ohm. Just incredible at listening to.

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    An economic series Sony cabinet totally reinterpreted with a 4.5" Infinity Reference midrange used as a woofer plus a 0.75" mylar semi-dome gold plated tweeter from Reference series Mk II. An handmade painting using sand grains to give a rugged surface finishing.

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    Renaissance 30 & 30 Mk II

    The Kappa Rear (very rare to find) cabinets are shaped similar to Renaissance series but the drivers are not the best, so I replaced them with a better 5" 1/4 drivers and EMIT K. The Mark II version returns to all Infinity components with the IMG woofer diffused in many models. One of the best results I have ever achieved. 50 W RMS of pure music.

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    Renaissance 30 Mk III

    The last and the better version of these cabinets with a reverse dome dust cup woofer with a brand new butyle rubber surround. Just sounds incredible - one of my best work ever made. 50 W RMS, 4 Ohm.

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    SM 102 xs

    A small Yamaha NS-U30 wood cabinets to fill with a double midwoofer and a titanium dome tweeter to became a great-in-sound-but-small-in-dimensions desktop passive speaker set.

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    The sinthesys of Infinity state-of-the-art components : High Energy EMIT tweeter, 5" 1/4 IMG reverse dome dust cup, butyle sourround, cast frame woofer. My personal tribute to the 40th Infinity anniversary. 100 W RMS, 4 Ohm, 70-45000 Hz +/- 2 dB. RS 3001 crossover, wired with Monster Cable XP-HP.

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    Renaissance Mini Center

    ELAN woofers uses the same IMG diaphragm as Infinity. The butyle sourround and a large shielded magnet makes this drivers perfect to be coupled with Her Majesty EMIT High Energy. Impressive, extended range and defined sound is the results into a compact SS Video cabinet.

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    RS Video Mk II

    RS Video cabinet in almost perfect conditions reinterpreted adding a small RS 4000 EMIT tweeter and Video 1 refoamed woofers. Sold in Italy.

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    SL 30 DJ Mk II

    Infinity SL series model 30 cabinet reinterpreted for a DJ semipro purposes.

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    What? Plastic? Chinese? 9.9 euro? YES... I was zapping on eBay... I came across this cheap nice piece of plastic... I though to get a pair of these to make two little monsters... the original "sound" was ridicolous with its economic 3 W full range driver... with a FALSE tweeter shaped plastic... after 5 days the transformation was completed : 12 W RMS, 2-way micro desktop passive speaker set. 310 grams each. They measure 76 x 123 x 84 mm.

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    Live stage

    A center channel dramatically improved starting from a Yamaha NS-C55 small cabinet. Omnes Audio BB 3.5 full range midwoofers. 3.8 Kg, 60 W RMS, 4 Ohms, 465 x 135 x 174 mm Freq.Resp.: 70 - 45 KHz. Pneumatic suspension.

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    SM 65 Kappa

    Reference 11 Mk II - first reinterpretation job - Monitor, semipro oriented with the class of the Kappa EMIT tweeter.

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    RS 301 S

    Reference 11 Mk II - Second reinterpretation job, with a massive 150 W RMS 6.5" CMMD woofer and again a Kappa EMIT tweeter. A luxus rhodium plated terminal cup has been added to give a touch of class.

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    Kappa Zero PF

    These cabinets born as "iCarbon" Fatman speakers, brand new, equipped with a good 4" carbon fiber midwoofer and a semi-dome economic mylar tweeter replaced with a pair of Reference Mk II series gold plated ones. Incredible extension of frequency, thanks also to the rear ported reflex. 40 W RMS. PF stands for Piano Finish (black glossy or klavierlack schwarz if you prefer)

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